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Looking After Our Clients.

Feedback on our service

The financial advice and planning profession has undergone significant changes in recent years.

As a profession, adviser firms must conform to high levels of regulation and adapt to ever-changing legislation. In addition, the Retail Distribution Review which came into force in 2013 required changes to ensure more transparency to consumers and raise standards of professionalism that inspire consumer confidence and build trust.

We knew from the feedback we regularly receive that many were very happy with our financial planning work. However, we wanted to give our clients an opportunity to share ideas on what (if anything) could be done by us to improve further. In total, 40 clients chose to give feedback on the service received from Beaufort Financial Planning Yorkshire and share their ideas on how we can give the best financial planning service.

This document summarises the key insights from our Client survey and highlights what we intend to do in 2016 and beyond to initiate change and improvements. We wish to thank everyone who took part in the survey and shared their thoughts and comments. Your contribution was invaluable to us.

You can view the 2014 survey results here.
You can view the 2015 survey results here.

Under this backdrop it is important for advisers to understand how satisfied their client base is and their perceptions of the service provided. We have seen our financial planning skills change our clients’ lives for the better and we want to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with the value we are providing and remain engaged with our planning process.


Our Code of Ethics

Beaufort Planning is committed to continuing professional development and adheres to an industry standard Code of Ethics set by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). You can view the Code here.

The code sets down the principles which all members of the CII should follow in the course of their professional duties. Members are obliged to comply with this code. If they do not comply, this may result in the CII taking disciplinary action against the member.

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